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NCAR Annual Report

High-end computing and data management have always been critical components of NCAR’s support for the scientific community. NCAR has developed a large set of computational and information science activities that provide supercomputing and data acquisition, storage, and distribution services to the scientific community. NCAR designs, develops, and maintains software, models, and data analysis and visualization tools, all of which are openly available to the science community and other interested users. Further, NCAR supplies the community with fundamental R&D in computer science, computational science, applied mathematics, and statistics.

NCAR has collaboratively developed a community modeling framework for constructing and combining modeling codes along with a community data portal that simplifies access to NCAR data holdings and experimental results. These activities support the ongoing development of community weather and climate models. NCAR scientists and engineers work with large teams of researchers in the academic community and at other modeling centers to create, maintain, and apply these state-of-the-art models.

Highlights for NCAR’s plans and accomplishments in cyberinfrastructure include: