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NCAR Annual Report
Workforce, Education, & Outreach

NCAR supports a wide range of formal and informal programs connected with science education, diversity, and outreach. The Advanced Study Program in SERE is focused on graduate and postgraduate education. The program fosters attention on emerging science areas by sponsoring workshops and summer colloquia for NCAR scientists, university faculty, and graduate students. ASP’s postdoctoral program is among the most competitive and prestigious in the geosciences, and the program is expanding its efforts to develop broader participation. The NCAR Education and Outreach program addresses both K-12 formal education and broad public communication. In the former area, NCAR has made a major commitment to helping integrate research and education at the middle and high school level through its Climate and Global Change Professional Development Workshops for Educators. Over the last five years, these highly successful workshops have provided extensive scientific and pedagogical support to educators from across the country on how to integrate these topics into their curricula, along with training on specific activities for the classroom. In the area of public information, NCAR is active both in development and dissemination of Web-based material and in design and display of scientific exhibits, both at NCAR and in other facilities and museums. NCAR participates in the UCAR Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science program, which is focused on building diversity in the geosciences at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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