Strategic Goal 3: Cultivate a Scientifically Literate and Engaged Citizenry and a Diverse and Creative Workforce

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Our nation is facing a significant challenge in educating the next generation of scientists. As an NSF strategic partner, NCAR contributes to national efforts to improve science literacy, inspire students, educate teachers, inform policy makers, and build a diverse workforce. At NCAR, we recognize that the health of our institution depends on ensuring that those with aptitude and determination have opportunities in the atmospheric sciences and that they are welcomed and nurtured, regardless of gender, ethnic background, nationality, or physical ability.

To achieve this goal, NCAR researchers work with students and teachers in the lab, in the field, in real and virtual classrooms, and via our Web sites to engage them in the exciting research we do. With our own staff and visitors, we are committed to providing ongoing professional development and to creating a workplace environment that allows our employees to flourish.

As a national center, NCAR can catalyze efforts and provide critical leadership in its areas of expertise.

NCAR addresses four broad priorities within this goal:

Priority 1: Engaging a Broader and More Diverse Community

At NCAR, diversity extends beyond “vital statistics” to include diversity of disciplines, ideas, scientific background and approaches to problem solving. With a rich array of disciplines and a broad outreach component... Read more about this priority

Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research

Priority 2: Enhancing Science Education

In FY2006, NCAR advanced this priority through expanded collaborations and relationships with visiting scientists, faculty fellowship appointments, and professional development programs. NCAR scientists organized and carried out numerous national and international conferences and workshops... Read more about this priority

Student Field Project Support

Graduate Visitor Program

Priority 3: Improving Public Awareness and Understanding

This strategic priority and the previous one (enhancing formal science education) are not mutually exclusive and overlap in significant ways. Conferences, colloquia, and workshops enhance public awareness and understanding of the atmospheric sciences by building human and institutional capacity to deal with climate issues... Read more about this priority

VisLab Outreach Program

Climate Affairs

Priority 4: Maintaining an Innovative and Creative Workplace

Our scientific aspirations cannot be achieved without capable, intelligent, dedicated, and effective personnel. NCAR has increased the number of its early career scientists by 34 since 2001, and has successfully worked to improve the representation of women in the atmospheric sciences ... Read more about this priority

Science and Engineer Visitor Program

New, State-of-the-Art Chemistry Building and Mesa Lab Refurbishment