Strategic Goal 4: Provide Robust, Accessible, and Innovative Information Services and Tools

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NCAR's scientific research programs work to provide more accurate advance warning of extreme weather, more skillful prediction of space weather events, and better prediction of the regional impacts of global climate change.

NCAR provides cyberinfrastructure on behalf of the National Science Foundation to enable rapid scientific progress in these areas of the atmospheric and related sciences. NCAR is continually expanding and upgrading its networking, high-end computing, and data management infrastructure and the related portfolio of services it provides to help achieve these advances. NCAR designs, develops, and maintains community models, modeling frameworks, and data analysis and visualization tools that are all made openly available to the community. NCAR collaborates with the community on research activities in computational science, applied mathematics, and geostatistics, with the goal of developing novel, improved techniques for attacking these key scientific problems and providing meaningful results for society.

NCAR has identified four key priorities for this goal:

Priority 1: Enhancing Capability and Capacity of NCAR Supercomputing

NCAR provisions, operates, and maintains supercomputing facilities and cyberinfrastructure to advance our understanding of the atmospheric and related sciences... Read more about this priority

Workshop on High Performance Computing for Geosciences Research

Priority 2: Developing and Providing Advanced Services and Tools

For nearly 50 years, NCAR has provided a computational environment to satisfy the institution's overall mission of providing robust, reliable, accessible, innovative, and advanced services to the university community and the broader scientific community... Read more about this priority

TeraGrid Integration

FODM Integration into EOL

Priority 3: Conducting Research in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Numerical Methods

NCAR's research in computational science and math applied to geophysics enhances NCAR's computational resources and produces more efficient scientific simulations... Read more about this priority


Verification Research

Priority 4: Creating an Earth System Knowledge Environment

NCAR continues to develop an Earth System Knowledge Environment that fosters knowledge sharing and accelerates scientific workflow.... Read more about this priority

Earth System Modeling Framework