Table of Contents

CISL Directors message

CISL Computing Services

Computing Imperative: Facilities

Computing Frontier: Center Virtualization

Computing Imperative: Hardware Cyberinfrastructure

Computing Imperative: Software Cyberinfrastructure

Computing Imperative: Data Curation

CISL Science

Science Imperative: Scientific Excellence

Science Imperative: Develop Mathematical Research Codes to Improve Models

Science Imperative: Integrating the Impacts of Regional Climate Change

Science Frontier: Stochastic and Statistical Techniques for Model Development

Science Frontier: Algorithmic Acceleration

Science Frontier: Large and Heterogeneous Data

CISL Education

Education Imperative: Integrating Research and Education

Education Imperative: Workforce Training and Development

Education Imperative: Broadening Participation

Education Imperative: Outreach

Education Frontier: Transforming Education, Outreach, and Training

CISL Fabrics

CISL Profiles in Science