Frontier I

Improve observing capabilities for weather and climate phenomena with high socio-economic impact.

The NSF/NCAR S-Pol Radar with the Ka-band installed (S-PolKa) at the DYNAMO field site in the Maldives.  S-PolKa is also part of the FRONT testbed.

EOL has provided prominent support for studies of hurricanes, tornadoes, and other severe storms. The S-Pol radar is unique in that it is a deployable S-band system, coupled to a Ka-band system. The Front Range Observational Network Testbed (FRONT) provides an opportunity to make the capabilities of S-Pol available for longer times, to operate in conjunction with Colorado State University’s CHILL radar, and to develop more collaboration with the CSU/CHILL group. This should make the facilities available to more short-term users and for new kinds of observations. FRONT is discussed in more depth in Frontier IV

Another unique potential EOL system for studies of severe weather is airborne phased array radar. Explorations continued in FY 2011 of phased-array technology for the NCAR C-130, where it could be combined with other remote sensors available in EOL and with the many other measuring capabilities that platform provides. Further discussion of the phased array effort can also be found under Imperative I.