HAO Visitor Program

HAO Visitor Program statistics from 2005 to 09/2011

Figure 10. HAO Visitor Program statistics from 2005 to September 2011.

HAO supports an extensive visitor program. The HAO visitor program attracts a diverse group of university students and early career scientists and engineers. Key metrics include the actual numbers of postdoctoral visiting scientists, graduate research assistants, affiliate scientist visits and short-term and middle-term scientific visitors we attract into the program. In 2011, HAO appointed one new affiliate scientist, Prof. Viggo Hansteen of the University of Oslo, bringing our total complement of affiliate scientists to eleven. In FY2011, HAO supported 11 postdocs and 4 graduate research assistants (GRAs) to carry out their research under the supervision of HAO scientific staff. HAO also hosted 7 affiliate scientists and 123 other visiting scientists (among them 49 were student visitors). Figure 10 shows the numbers of workshop and visitors hosted by HAO from 2005 till September 2011.