Director's Message

ISP Director, Peter Backlund

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) was formed in 2009 as an NCAR Directorate entity that supports scientists working on crosscutting research across NCAR Laboratories and other research institutions. The overarching goal of the Integrated Science Program (ISP) is to develop the understanding needed to manage and adapt to climate change, weather, and chemical weather through research that integrates the atmospheric sciences with other scientific disciplines. ISP is:

  • Developing new connections among the atmospheric sciences, social sciences, ecology, hydrology, and health sciences
  • Fostering collaborations across NCAR laboratories, divisions, institutes, and programs
  • Building new relationships with university programs and other research institutions whose expertise complements NCAR expertise
  • Promoting innovation in NCAR research and development

ISP is unique within NCAR as a “virtual” organization that does not maintain its own staff (except for a very small central administrative group) and carry out its own projects.  All ISP activities are defined and undertaken in cooperation with other NCAR organizations and collaborators in the university community and other research institutions. ISP helps define, set up, and fund projects that are carried out by staff from NCAR labs and outside collaborators.