Postdoctoral research themes at ISP

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) sees the support of postdoctoral research at NCAR as an effective means of seeding new, crosscutting research themes in the institution with short-term and collaborative funding. These new activities employ enthusiastic young researchers in building research programs that will remain relevant at NCAR and collaborating institutions well into the future.

ISP is collaborating with the Advanced Studies Program (ASP), the Research Applications Laboratory (RAL), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to bring postdoctoral researchers to NCAR to study issues at the intersection of climate and health. Housed at RAL, these CDC-funded researchers represent the first of what is hoped to be a series of activities oriented to understanding the critical links between climate change and human health. This program is highlighted in the
NCAR Annual Report. 

ISP is collaborating with the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) to house two NSF-supported postdoctoral researchers who will conduct research on the interactions of climate change with terrestrial ecosystems. Such interactions will be an important factor in determining the evolution of ecosystems and the services they provide to human societies, the rate and magnitude of climate change, and the severity of climate change impacts during the next century. The co-location of NCAR and NEON in Boulder allows these new researchers to collaborate with scientists from both institutions and develop a well-integrated approach. This program is highlighted in the FY10 NCAR Annual Report.